About us

StarLabs Nutrition is a fast growing sports nutrition brand.

Established in the US in 2008 but, since 2012, based, developed and manufactured in Europe, and offers the best business opportunities to its partner, and the best products to its customers.



The Focus

of the brand is to create a series of selling products by offering cutting edge formulations, high product and ingredient quality, competitive prices and a selling design. 

StarLabs has a good position in Europe and grows fast in other international markets such as Middle East, Europe, US and Latin America.

Uncompromising commitment to quality 

Consumer safety and providing products of the highest quality are extremely important for us at StarLabs and we can guarantee you that we never compromise on this! 

We only use ingredients of the best possible quality - Ingredients that are often supported by clinical studies and patented. This widespread use of patented raw materials and a clear declaration of used ingredients insure a standardized product quality and product effect.

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